Pet Friendly Condos Boca Raton

Boca Raton Pet Friendly Condos for sale

Finding a pet friendly condo can be difficult at best. Many older condos have not changed with the times so they still don’t allow pets or allow small pets. Many of the newer luxury condos allow large dogs as buyers who are looking for this lifestyle and expense expect to have every amenity which includes allowing their dogs. You will see very few condos built before 2000 that allow pets and the few that do will usually be in high demand. The luxury condos that allow large dogs are usually in the price range of 1 million +.

With the growing popularity of condos again many owners are downsizing sooner than ever and want a condo lifestyle but are coming from a large home so they are looking for larger condos and pet friendly as well. Boca just allowed dog friendly beach as the demand for more dog friendly places continue to rise. Even some outdoor restaurants have now become dog friendly. Many of the downtown Boca Raton condos which are geared towards urban living allow pets as buyers are making these condos their homes not as many have been in the past which were seasonal residences. We are seeing more dog parks as well in many cities. Towns are trying to encourage city living again and want to make it as desirable as possible and give the buyers what they want to keep them coming downtown.

Jupiter has been a bit more pet friendly as they have had a dog beach for many years so the beach area condos have geared themselves towards being pet friendly. Jupiter Ocean Grande is one of the only oceanfront condos in Jupiter that allows large dogs. Several Singer Island luxury oceanfront condos allow large dogs as well at The Water Club in North Palm Beach on the Intracoastal. .