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Last night I watched one of my favorite real estate shows Million Dollar Listing and they came to Highland Beach. As a real estate agent I like to watch the TV shows showing real estate agents around the country. This week  the Ft. Lauderdale agent came to the section of Highland Beach Estate oceanfront homes on the South end of the town called Ocean Place Estates. The small section of oceanfront homes sit just across from the Bel Lido subdivision another popular waterfront community in town. She came and visited the owners of the home and after much negotiating they owners ended up renting the home for 6 months. The sellers required asking price to sell and list the home was a million dollars above the market and recent comps. It was an amazing home with ocean views and a swimming pool with a glass window into one of the bedrooms.

Oceanfront homes in Highland Beach

After watching the show my curiosity had me on our local mls which features Highland Beach and an area we cover. What happens on TV and what happened in real life tend to be different situations. On the show you see the potential renter come into the home with the agent and no other agent is mentioned. It appears that she brings the new renter and negotiates the entire deal only to find out on our MLS that she did not bring the tenant. Another agent from a different firm did. Goes to show you reality TV and it isn’t always reality.  This oceanfront home in Highland Beach made a great episode for Bravo TV yet it wasn’t really the truth.

Reality Vs Truth of real estate

After seeing this I decided lets look at how successful this so called top agent in the TV show is. I started looking through the mls to see how many homes they has sold over the past year and how many listings they carried. I figured with National attention on Bravo TV your phone would be ringing off the hook with potential clients looking for a successful top agent. Maybe your home could be on the show. If the MLS was correct, reality vs truth is quite a world apart.

The week before another agent came to Palm Beach Gardens bragging how their marketing could sell this home. Needless to say 500 plus days later the home is still on the market. The TV shows tries to glamourize the agents and the real estate world. So now I wander just how much of the show is the truth and how much is made to script for Hollywood.  Even in the show at the end of the day Price trumps just about every factor of selling real estate. No matter who you have selling the property unless it is properly priced it most likely will not sell. Of course you get the buyers every blue moon that just have to have a  specific property no matter what the price but this is not the norm in Florida real estate. Feel free to call us to show you beachfront homes in Jupiter, Boca Raton or Highland Beach. We can even show you homes as far North as Hutchinson Island. We may not be on a National TV show but we still sell a lot of homes each year here in sunny South Florida.