Looking to Buy Boca Raton Oceanfront Condos

Looking to buy Boca Raton Oceanfront Condos

Looking to buy Boca Raton oceanfront condos? My favorite show as a realtor is Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing New York and the newest series Million Dollar Listing Miami. After watching the series I can’t believe how inexpensive Florida real estate is here in Boca Raton and Palm Beach County compared to New York or Miami Beach. Of course my favorite character is Frederick on the New York show. He is always amusing and a get a great laugh out of him and he never holds back. He tells you like it is no matter if you want to hear it or like what he has to say but he is always right. After watching a season of Million Dollar Listing New York of course I had to watch the Miami show as this in right in our backyard. Miami had a building boom condo glut like no other place here in Florida. They had built more condos in the last decade then there is here in Boca Raton. They had the opportunity to knock down old buildings to build new condos where here in Boca we just never had that. Land here is limited and mostly built out on the ocean. It’s definitely a different market here and a different clientele. Miami has the huge influx of foreign buyers where he we see some but nothing like they see down there. Looking to buy Boca Raton oceanfront Condos made easy.

Last week the show came to Boca Raton to One Thousand South, the newest luxury oceanfront condo here that was built on the Boca Inlet on the Boca Resort property in 2010. Presidential Place used to be the crown jewel at the Boca Resort but that property is 20 plus years old now and the luxury standards have changed. The condos are enormous by most standards at 4,000 sq. ft plus for many of the units but the interiors still say the 90’s. You get all the amenities of the Boca Raton Resort which includes golf, tennis, spa and the marina. The Club has everything you could want in a club and has a long history of being a 5 star resort. Luxury condos in Boca Raton seems to be the norm today.

                                 Boca Raton Luxury Oceanfront Condos

The listing agent from Boca brought Chris in from Miami to assist in selling this condo. The condo was the Penthouse unit with 7,000 sq. ft under air. The average selling price in the building has been $1,000 to $1,250 per sq. ft which is definitely on the high end for Palm Beach County. The Ritz Carlton in Singer Island is running about $700 per sq. ft to give you a comparison.  Typical luxury oceanfront condos in Jupiter is $400 sq. ft.  Even famous Jupiter Island is far less expensive. The top condos on Jupiter Island are only selling for $1,000 per sq. ft. The two agents look over the comps and both come up with their ideal listing prices. Chris from Miami comes up with 20 million dollars and the Boca agent came up with $13,950,000. You can see the difference in what Miami vs. Palm Beach County prices are. The Miami agent wanted to price the unit 50% higher than the local agent. Is Boca Raton and One Thousand South a bargain even at $2,000 per sq. ft?   I guess if you’re comparing it to Miami Beach. You can now see how different just a short distance can make in prices of real estate and how real estate is really local in nature. Then the other two agents from the show come to the open house and give their opinion on value. Both think Chris was crazy at $13,950,000. They said this isn’t Miami. Imagine what they would have said at 20 million. Search for Boca Raton luxury oceanfront condos below.

The listing was active for 247 days before the listing was cancelled. They had one interested party who already lived in the building and was selling their unit. It was quite interesting to watch a national TV show working in your back yard. To see luxury oceanfront condos in Boca Raton search our website and see the best of the best condos here in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas. We can help you while looking to buy Boca Raton oceanfront condos.

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Not all buyers want oceanfront condos so maybe a Boca Raton beach home may be more suitable for your needs. Either direct oceanfront homes or homes on the Intracoastal. Between Delray Beach and Boca Raton you will find Highland Beach which offers some spectacular direct oceanfront homes. See some of the oceanfront homes on Highland Beach today.


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