Highland Beach Condos

Highland Beach Oceanfront Condos

See some of the best Highland Beach condos for sale. Search by condo or by price. You can see why Highland Beach is so popular. Call me to help you find that perfect Highland Beach Condo. With so many choices in Highland Beach you can search here an see what is available.

[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42872″ title=”45 Ocean” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42873″ title=”Aberdeen Arms” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42874″ title=”Ambassadors” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42875″ title=”Beach Walk East” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42876″ title=”Bel Lido” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42877″ title=”Braemar Isle” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42878″ title=”Carron House” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42879″ title=”Casuarina” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42880″ title=”Ceaire” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42881″ title=”Clarendon” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42882″ title=”Coronado” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42883″ title=”Dalton Place” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42884″ title=”Delray by the Sea” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42885″ title=”Highland Beach Club” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42886″ title=”Highland Harbour” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42887″ title=”Ocean Dunes” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42888″ title=”Ocean Terrace” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42889″ title=”Parker Highlands” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42890″ title=”Penthouse Towers” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42891″ title=”Regency Highland” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42892″ title=”Seagate of Highland Beach” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42893″ title=”Toscana” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42894″ title=”Townhouses of Highland Beach” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42895″ title=”Trafalgar of Highland Beach” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42896″ title=”Villa Mare” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42897″ title=”Villa Maris” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42898″ title=”Villa Magna” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42899″ title=”Villa Costa” ]

Highland Beach Condos by Price

The best way to search for a Highland Beach condo is to pick a price range and see what is available in your budget. Once you see what communities are in your budget you can search the community condo page above. Remember you may find a lower floor condo in that building you want in your budget.  No matter if you want oceanfront or Intracoastal views you will find that perfect Highland Beach condo for you. Just down the street you can search for Boca Raton oceanfront condos as well.

[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42767″ title=”Highland Beach Condos $300k-$400k” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42768″ title=”Highland Beach Condos $400k-$500k” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42769″ title=”Highland Beach Condos $500k-$750k” ]
[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”5503-42770″ title=”Highland Beach Condos $1million +” ]