Boca Raton – Then and Now

Boca Raton Then      &      Now


In 1962 at the age of six I was lucky enough to have my  parents move me out of the  armpit of New Jersey to Boca Raton. The first Boca Raton house we lived in was purchased for $12,000 in Boca Square. Orange groves,  horse,and cattle ranches  were standard sites to the west and the beach seemed all mine to explore to the east with a bike ride accompanied with my snorkel and fins. So I would ride to the inlet and pass by a grand old hotel at the inlet built by a man named Addison ..  The beach side was mine and I didn’t mind sharing it with a few fisherman . I didn’t mind sharing. We were both after ocean treasures.  I took quite a liking to living life barefoot in a bathing suit.  I would sneak into the pool at the Boca Beach Condominiums which were far and few back then.   The population was less than 10,000 in The Mouth of The Rat.

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Boca Raton Real Estate

Life was good in Boca Raton.  They were building new homes in Boca Raton. You’ll see a picture of the old boca inlet bridge. Childhood passes oh so quickly and as it did Boca Raton grew.  The old  Air Force base where we watched the fireworks was becoming  Florida Atlantic University. President Johnson came and told us about it. Roads were being built everywhere and the grove across from the turnpike that used to give us free orange juice on Sundays after church  was closing we heard.  But there would soon be houses and a place called Boca Grove.

Some new company that made computers was moving their offices to our town and there were lots of new kids at school from New York.  By the time I graduated high school,in 1974 , my parents said we are moving to a golf course.  We were one of three houses in a place out West called Boca Del Mar. Today that is the middle of Boca. There were over 30,000 people living in my paradise.  I didn’t mind sharing.   And I left for college.

Life was good.

Every time I returned home from college on vacation there were more houses, more roads and more people.  But the sun was shining as bright as ever and the ocean was still crystal clear…..

When I returned home Boca had exploded so I looked for a new place to call him and headed North to a place no one seemed to know called Jupiter. I searched for Jupiter homes and finally settled in a lovely community to start my new Jupiter life.Just an hour North of Boca but very different from Boca. Jupiter was still kind of country but I decided I wanted a new place to play.

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