Boca Raton Pet Friendly Condos

 Pet Friendly condos Boca Raton


Today more then ever pet friendly condos are becoming more popular. When most condos were built in the 70’s and 80’s having a pet was simply unheard of living in a condo. People are retiring earlier or buying vacation homes at a much earlier stage of life now and many people still have pets at home. They have decided to purchase a condo but still have the dog to worry about. More and more newer condos especially the luxury buildings are becoming pet friendly as owners spending millions of dollars on a condo want to be able to bring their pets. Finding  pet friendly condos can be difficult as many that are have restrictions on size. We put together a list of pet friendly condos in Boca Raton that will accept any size dog.

Buying a Boca Raton pet friendly condo

Jupiter Beach use to be the only dog friendly beach around but Boca recently opened  up a stretch of beach designated as a  dog friendly beach near Spanish River Blvd just before entering Highland Beach. I grew up on that beach and have some great memories  spending many hours on that now dog friendly beach. Let us help you find a pet friendly condo in Boca Raton and bring Fido with you. The beach is both a great place to exercise your dog and socialize them with other dogs. It is also a great place to meet other friendly dog owners. Be careful in the summer as the sand gets to hot for even your dogs paws. The best time is early morning and late evening when the beaches are much less crowded with people.  There is nothing like walking your dog on the beach and watching the sunrise.

Feel free to call us today and we can start your search for the perfect oceanfront condo or beach area home today. Remember to let us know the weight of your dog as many condos do have weight limits. You will have less choices but if we can’t find one in Boca or Highland Beach, both Singer Island and Jupiter have several oceanfront condos that allow large pets. Jupiter pet friendly condos such as Jupiter Ocean Grande allow any size pet and OceanHouse in Ocean Village allows any size pets.