Boca Raton Oceanfront Condos

Buying or selling in Boca Raton

Boca Raton Ocean Condos

Thinking about buying or selling your Boca Raton oceanfront condo and your not sure what it is worth? In todays rapidly changing real estate market here in South Florida you don’t want to leave thousnads of dollars on the table in your real estate transaction. Many realtors will sell you the moon but deliver nothing but cheese when it comes to buying or selling your Boca Raton real estate.

Selling Your Boca Raton Oceanfront Condos

When selling your home or condo there are many factors that play into the transaction. Recent sales in your community, present inventory in your community and the competition from other communities in your town. A mistake that many sellers make is listing the property at an inflated price that is not realistic based on the general market conditions. Many realtors will give you an artificially high sales price and then come back and beat you up to lower the price until it is priced where it should have been originally. This does several things, a new property on the market should get a large amount of traffic the first few weeks if priced properly. This is the hot period and you need to get the property noticed. If you over price the property both agents and buyers will think you aren’t motivated to sell and won’t show the property until it is priced based on the market. A big mistake to list with an agent who promises you the highest list price without facts.

Boca Raton Ocean Condos $300k-$400K             Boca Raton Ocean Condos $400-$500K

Boca Raton Ocean Condos $500k-$750K             Boca Raton Ocean Condos $750-$1 million

Boca Raton Ocean Condos $1mil-$1.5mil             Boca Raton Ocean Condos $<1.5Mil

Other mistakes when selling your Boca Raton Real Estate

In todays real estate market the internet is the major avenue for buyers looking to purchase real estate. Print media is dead and outdated. By the time it hits the newstand the property is sold and the information old. The web offers real time information like the stock market. The adage a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at different homes for sale on the internet and you will see professional photos and ones that were taken by the agent with the phone. Pictures sell your home. They are the most important feature of your ad. People don’t read the information unless the photos catch their eyes. So please make sure you use an agent who hires a professional photographer. You wouldn’t use an amatuer if you could use a professional.

See more tips on selling your Boca Raton home or condos in our next article.

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