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Boca Raton Real Estate

I’m excited to see a strong start to the Florida real estate market in 2018. I’m seeing a continued strong demand for the right properties especially with seasonal homes. Many buyers are out looking and the complaint I’m getting is the amount and cost to update many of the properties along the beach. Not only is the cost a large factor but the time and aggravation is a huge factor. We are seeing a fair number of flips which I am not a proponent of because most of the flips quality of work is substandard and is sometimes just a quick face lift which will need more lipstick down the road. See some of the new Boca Raton real estate properties recently listed below.

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Right now with so many remodels going on in South Florida due to the aging buildings contractors are difficult to find and expensive. The cost of quality materials has escalated as well. I have done a fair number of remodels and know what to look for when looking at properties. The average cost of a condo remodel is about $80-90 per sq. ft with flooring being high on the cost. The Boca Raton real estate market is strong with many buyers putting cash into updates.

Buyers are willing to pay for that perfect updated condo and are going to really negotiate the price on a condo needing updating. I’m seeing a lot of price reductions as many agents are overpricing their listings either to appease the owners or to just get the listing. It won’t take long for you to see if your property is overpriced. After the initial week of your listing you will see a drastic drop in showings if it is not priced correctly. Call us before looking at Boca Raton condos, we will save you time and money.

If you have any questions about the different areas feel free to contact me for information. I travel and sell the different beach areas so I know what each offers and what each lacks but I will give you my opinion and you can make your own decision. We have offices that specialize in Jupiter real estate as well as further North that does Hutchinson Island real estate.  If you are looking for oceanfront condos similar to Boca Raton you may want to explore Singer Island oceanfront condos with great views and close proximity to the inlets.


Boca Raton Real Estate


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